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iGaming Ontario Casinos for Real Money with AGCO License

With the recent legalization of online gambling and sports betting in Ontario, Canada, locals have been able to enjoy this sort of activity at gaming sites that target this market specifically. The Ontario online casinos are required to follow certain rules, which are set by the AGCO (Alcohol and Gaming Commission), to be allowed access to this market.

It's not always easy figuring out which online casinos from Ontario are worth your time and money, so that's why we do most of that work for you. We give you all that information in one place, so you don't have to hunt for it through the casino's pages.

Another thing we do for you is that we ensure that these casinos are trustworthy and that they're licensed by AGCO. We give you all the pros and cons for each casino, and you can easily see what their offer is, from bonuses to how many games are available, or how many payment options are provided. All this information matters, especially if there are limitations in place on how you can cash out your money.

In other words, keep reading, and you will find out which are the most trustworthy casinos for Ontario players.

Ontario's 3 Best Online Casinos 2023

If you want to start gambling online, then you most likely want to find the best online casino in Ontario, and that's where we come in. Finding the best one is not just a matter of having the most games or the biggest welcome bonuses around. You also have to look at the betting requirements of those bonuses, the popularity of the available payment methods, and also at the way its players are being treated.

The top online casino from Ontario would have to go above and beyond what's expected and offers stellar customer support. You need to do extensive research to find out these details, and we're doing that sort of stuff for you.

Below, you will find our list of the best iGaming Ontario casinos & sites.

New Legit Ontario Online Casinos

Now, if you've already learned all about the best gaming sites that are licensed in Ontario, and you've tried them, you might be interested in the ones that are just getting started. Ontario is a new market and it's highly dynamic, so there aren't a lot of established brands yet, and there is always room for more.

A new Ontario casino in the online market will be listed below, as soon as we find out about it. You can be one of the first to take advantage of their initial promotions, which should be most generous when they're just getting started.

With our help, you will also know which are the latest legit online casinos, so you can play in complete safety, even on a new site. Since the AGCO gave them the license, it's going to be a safe experience, following all local laws.

Licensed Ontario Online Casinos List

The top online casino in Ontario is the one that most players will be after, and we will tell you which ones fall in that category. These will be the sites that you can trust most, as the bigger operations are less likely to be sources of negative experiences.

If you're playing online for the first time, then one of these sites would be our top recommendation. You want to make sure that you play at legit online casinos in Canada's Ontario province, so they need to be approved by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of the region.

You only need one casino from Ontario to play online, at least initially, and we give you all the info that's needed so that you can pick the best one for you.

You can play at a casino online in Ontario these days, and the sites mentioned below are the biggest names in this particular market.

Ontario Casino Bonuses

Getting players to make a deposit and start playing is not always easy, and so online casinos from Ontario rely on promo offers to make it happen. Finding out which is the best Ontario online casino bonus is something that a lot of players want to know, and it's one way to decide on the next gaming destination.

We have that sort of information, and we will tell you which is the best Ontario casino bonus available online. Before that though, you can read more about each type of casino bonus from our comprehensive list:

Welcome Bonus

This is typically the most exciting bonus that the iGaming sites offer, the one which is designed to get you through the door. It can take several forms, and it can even combine deposit bonuses with free spins, or even other offers. There will always be betting requirements for you to meet, before you can cash out that money, along with a limited period within which you can do it.

Free Spins

another very popular bonus offer that you may find at online Ontario casinos, is the free spins are usually offered as an extra, alongside a deposit bonus. There will be a limited number of free spins, and usually, they can be used only at a certain slot machine within a limited period. Once again, there are betting requirements that have to be met.


A cashback offer will give you back some of the money that you lost while playing at that casino, and so it's a way for you to limit your losses, as an insurance of sorts. It's usually tied into an offer to reload your account balance, and it can accompany another type of bonus.

VIP Programs

Many Ontario casinos will have a VIP program, with multiple tiers, through which you can advance by making larger deposits and just being a loyal player. You might get easier access to customer support, the possibility to make larger deposits and withdrawals, and even better bonuses.

Tournaments & Lotteries

This is a way to add a bit of a social aspect to the experience, something that is often lacking at online casinos. Players can compete with each other, while playing the casino's games, and they can get a prize at the end if they won the most. There are sometimes lotteries as well, which can bring players various prizes.

Loyalty Bonuses

Casinos will try to reward loyalty in their players, at least if they're good at what they're doing. It can take various forms, from better bonuses to bonus points which are collected as you make deposits, and more.

No Deposit Bonuses

This is the most common type of bonus that you will find at an Ontario casino online. It will reward you with an extra amount of money to play with, as a percentage of what you deposit. It could be as low as 25-50%, or it could be a 200% bonus (or higher).

High Roller Bonuses

These are made for players that want to bet big, the so-called whales. The deposit and withdrawal limits tend to be more relaxed with these players since casinos don't want to lose them.

Reload Bonuses

you might've gotten your start with an Ontario casino bonus, but once you run out the casino will try to get you to deposit more. They motivate local players with the help of reload bonuses, which are typically weaker than those you got as part of the welcome package.

Best Ontario Online Casino Apps

Since Ontario's legalization of gaming activities online came in 2022, pretty much all sites that are available in this jurisdiction will have a version offering players access to mobile casinos. It could take the form of a simple mobile-friendly website, but if you're looking to spend a lot of time gambling, you might as well look for the best Ontario online casino apps.

The experience that you get while playing at a mobile casino matters quite a bit, and you might go for a site that has downsides in other areas, just because they did a better job designing their site or app for a small screen.

Mobile gambling requires a different type of design, responsive to whatever type of screen size is used, so it's not something that everyone gets right.

Below, we wrote about our own favorite online casino apps in Ontario, all great options if you're looking to play while on the go.

Popular Deposit & Withdraw Methods in Online Casinos

Finding the Ontario casino that's best for you requires more than just a big bonus or a lot of games. Sometimes, it's also about finding an online casino that has the right payment system, making it as easy as possible for you to use it.

Ideally, you wouldn't have to sign up for a completely new payment system, to be able to deposit or withdraw funds. Look out for the casinos that offer as many payment methods as possible, or at least make sure that they have the ones that you have access to already.

There are some additional things to watch out for when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. There are always limits in place, regarding how much you can deposit or withdraw in a single day. If the limits are too low, then even if you win big it might take you weeks or months to cash out all the money that you're entitled to.

Sometimes, there will be fees associated with withdrawals, though plenty of casinos will cover that part themselves. Finally, there are minimum amounts that you can deposit or withdraw with certain payment systems, and this also changes with each casino.

Visa & Mastercard

The easiest option for many, as everyone has some kind of debit or credit card that they can sign-up with. The two card processors are available worldwide, at pretty much every online casino that is legit. Some people might not want to give away their credit card numbers to a casino, even if it's a legit one. In that case, other payment options can be used, which will act as intermediaries between the player and the casino.


This is one of the local payment methods, so it's specifically designed with Canadians in mind. It's been around since 1984, and it's completely trustworthy. It's a debit card, which can be used easily online, and you load it up with whatever amount you see fit. Interac is one of the more popular payment methods for players based in Ontario. You can get support from them in English and French, and it has several products, including Interac Cash, Interac Online, Interac Credit, and e-Transfer services.


Another excellent product for Canadian players, iDebit is available through online banking accounts, so while you can easily transfer funds to the Ontario iGaming operators, the details which are given are kept secure. This is an e-wallet, to which you can link the banking accounts that you've signed up with already, using it as a middleman.


Perhaps the world's best-known e-wallet, PayPal is another intermediary which allows you to make payments at casinos and other gaming sites, using an email address and a password. You can add money to the PayPal balance, or it can draw from linked credit cards if there are insufficient funds. You can withdraw money instantly from PayPal, and adding funds to it is even easier.

PaySafe Cards

If you prefer using a pre-paid card, then the solution offered by PaySafe could be your best bet. You get one of these cards and you load it up with the amount you need, not a penny more. Having this sort of extra layer between your gambling funds and your credit card can also be a way for you to control your spending better.

Apple Pay & Google Pay

One of the popular payment methods available for players that prefer gambling on mobile devices is a service like Apple Pay or Google Pay. Depending on whether you're on iOS or Android, you can use one or the other to easily make a payment, and there are a lot of casinos that accept both.

Popular Online Casino Games in Canada

Now that the Internet is fast enough to allow games to be served directly from the casino's website, and you no longer need to install special software for it, the offer has exploded and you have countless options to choose from.

We will talk about each type of game that players from Canada can play at locally available operators, and you will see that there is a lot of content for you to choose from. If we're talking about numbers, then the slot machines are clear winners, as a typical casino can have hundreds, if not thousands of such games for you to sift through.


By far, it's the most popular type of casino game and the one that's represented best at casinos all over the world, not just in Canada. There are several excellent developers which are licensed locally, and offer players a lot of different slots. You might think that it gets boring eventually, but there is such an incredible variety when it comes to themes, design styles, special features, volatility levels, and regular or progressive jackpots, that you can always find something new and different to play.

  • Jack Hummer 2 Slot Machine in the Norwegian Online Casino
  • Spacewars slot from NetEnt
  • Starburst Slot Machine for Norwegian casino players
  • Norwegian Version of the Big Bad Wolf Slot Game


A game of blackjack is a classic by now, and the rules are fairly simple, so it's an easy game to pick up and enjoy. There are certain strategies that you can follow, to maximize your odds. At its core, this is a game that requires that you get as close to 21 points as possible, by drawing cards and adding up their values. You can't exceed this value though, or you lose.


You're playing against the banker in this game, and you have to bet on which will be the winner, the player or the banker. It's another popular casino game, though with a smaller audience, and it often attracts high rollers (it's also James Bond's favorite casino game).

Casino Poker

All the casino poker games that you're used to playing with your friends are also available online. You will find options that you're used to, such as Texas Hold'em, with or without a limit, but also variants like Seven-Card Stud Poker, Omaha Poker, and so on.

Video Poker

If you want to go for an easier type of online poker, then the video version might be your option. You will discover regular versions of poker to play, but there are also some specialty options. It's played at land-based casinos on machines that resemble those used for slot machines, and they take a similar form for online gaming sites as well. A few types of video poker available will include Deuces Wild, Jacks, or Better, along with many others.


This is a dice game, which you can find both at land-based and online casinos. All you need to play it is a pair of dice, which are easy to carry. It's an old game as well, which goes back a few centuries, though its exact origin is not clear.


Whether we're talking about American, European, or other versions of Roulette, this casino game is one of the better-known options available at casinos. As it is shown in countless movies, even those that don't visit a casino will know what it is, and how it's played. You can find it at any casino, though sometimes you might not get access to all versions of the game.

Live Dealer Games

This is a type of casino game that's becoming increasingly popular, where players sitting at home get to play against an actual human. There are studios set up all around the world, including in Canada (Evolution Gaming, Games Global), where dealers sit in front of a Full HD camera and stream casino games (roulette, casino poker, baccarat, blackjack, wheel of fortune type games, etc).

Scratch Cards

Not as popular as some of the other games, but if you're looking for a quick win, then they can work. They're the online version of the scratch cards that you can buy in real life, and they often come with different types of graphics and animations.

Most Popular Online Casino Game Providers

One of the areas where online casinos do better than land-based ones is the sheer diversity of games being offered. This is possible because they can offer online casino games from dozens of providers at the same time, each one with dozens or even hundreds of titles in their collection. More often than not, these game providers will have only slot machines to offer, but the larger studios include other types of casino content as well.

Since Ontario's market is regulated, game providers have to respect the local laws, and they need to get licensed themselves. As an Ontario player, you might not get access to every single casino game available online, but many of the big names have made sure that they're available in this market.

Among those that got their licenses early on, are companies like Light & Wonder (ex Scientific Games), High 5 Games, and Relax Gaming.

Ontario Licensed Providers List - September 2023

  Provider Games Description
NetEnt Logo NetEnt 200 One of the biggest online casino slot developers.
Playtech Logo Playtech 300 Tier 1 provider with slots, table games, live dealers, and poker. 
 Pragmatic Play Logo Pragmatic Play 200 Modern provider with top interesting slots and live games.
 Scientific Games Logo Scientific Games 400 Casino slot machine developer with branches around the globe.
 High5 Games Logo High5 Games 300 Offers some of the most popular and recognizable games in the industry.
 Relax Gaming Logo Relax Gaming 100 Impressive slots with high volatility and original layouts.

How to Start to Play Online in Ontario

To start playing at an online casino as an Ontario-based player, you should go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the online casino of your choice, from those that we recommend on our site.
  2. Find the Register or Join button on the front page. You can usually find it somewhere at the top of the page.
  3. Fill out the forms, giving the casino any details that it requires. It will ask for your email, full name, address, and the date of your birth. You will also have to provide them with a password, which you will use in the future to log in.
  4. You can download the casino's app, either for Android or iOS, if you want to play on a mobile phone.
  5. It's a good idea to check out the features related to responsible gambling before you get started, and even set limits on how long you can play, how much you can wager, and so on.
  6. Start playing the casino games that you prefer. There should be plenty of options for you to choose from.

Important Notes for Ontario Casino Players

As with everything else in life, it's a good idea to read the fine print before you start playing at online casinos. There are some limitations set in place through Ontario's regulations, as to who can play at these casinos, what age they can have, and so on.

  • Age of players - While sports betting and lottery games are available once you turn 18 in Ontario, for casinos of all types (land-based or online) you need to be 19.
  • Inside province only - Ontario's players need to be located within the geographical borders of the province, to be allowed to play at these regulated casinos. This is the only way they're allowed to play legally.
  • Who regulates online casinos - As of April 2022, Ontario has become a regulated market, with its gaming license issued to operators and suppliers of online casino games. AGCO, or the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, is the one that issues these gaming licenses and ensures that the local rules are respected by everyone that wants to operate there.

Responsible Gambling & Gambling Help in Ontario

One of the main reasons why gaming markets are regulated is to protect players and to make sure that everyone follows the rules. Some players are more vulnerable to gambling than others, including young ones or those that have problems with such activities.

The measures taken by AGCO cover the policies which need to be implemented by operators, which are there to help identify and prevent risks that gambling could bring to players. These will get updated from time to time, which will ensure that they remain as effective as possible.

Measures for responsible gaming include rules on who can be targeted by ads, so casinos are not allowed to go for those that are self-excluded, high-risk, or underage. Everything must be truthful as well, so misleading ads are not allowed.

If you're a player at an Ontario casino, you will find certain gambling statements on most pages. They include phone numbers you can call, plus links to information on responsible gambling.

All casinos are required to give players the option to self-exclude from play, for a period of up to 3 months.

AGCO Contacts

iGaming regulator in the province.

  • E-mail[email protected]
  • Phones: 416 326-8283 (Greater Toronto Area), 1 833 55-iGame / 1 833 554-4263 (for players from Canada & USA)


The organization helps citizens to solve addiction problems 24/7.

Responsible Gambling Council

Players from Ontario can get help from the Responsible Gambling Council, with offices in Toronto. They can help players and their loved ones, by getting them a connection to a treatment provider in Ontario. 

Ontario Online Casinos FAQ

Is online gaming legal in Ontario?

Yes, as of April 4th, 2022, Canada's province of Ontario is a regulated market, and it's legal for online casinos to offer their content to local players. Previously, there was only one gaming provider available, so there was a monopoly and the market was not competitive.

What is the legal betting age in Ontario?

You need to be 19 years old, to play at online or land-based casinos. On the other hand, placing a sports bet or playing the lottery requires that you're 18 or older.

Can I win real money in Ontario online casinos?

Yes, Ontario online casinos are the same as every other gaming site that you'd play elsewhere in the world. You can deposit, bet, and win real money while playing at one of these casinos. Just make sure that it's a licensed casino, which follows the rules and regulations of Ontario.

Do I need to pay taxes on gambling?

You do not have to pay taxes as an amateur gambler, which doesn't make a living from this activity. Professional gamblers and poker players do have to pay taxes though. As an amateur, you can play slots, casino poker, or even a live dealer game, and you will not be taxed for your winnings.

Is it legal to play at offshore casino sites?

Yes, you can play at gambling sites that are not located in Canada or Ontario, even for real money. Federal laws don't allow offshore sites to run gambling houses that are located in Canada though.

Can I play online from my mobile?

These days, you can easily play at an online casino right from your mobile device. You can find Android casinos easily, which either have responsive pages or which come with their apps. Usually, these apps are available both for Android and Apple's iPhone.