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Top Norwegian Online Casinos List

Norwegian citizens have certain types of online casinos that they have access to, and specifically we’re talking about the casino sites which have the proper certifications from MGA and Curacao, the international authority that is allowed to issue licenses.

Malta Gaming Authority | MGA

MGA stands for Malta Gaming Authority and this is the name of the gaming authority that is capable of issuing licenses for casinos in Europe and World. These licenses are required for gaming sites that offer online casino games, poker, skill games, betting, horse pools and even bingo in Norway.

There are over 300 gaming licenses that are issued by this authority, at any one time, so once they are all issued, they don’t allow new sites to become authorized until some spots don’t open up. There are several other requirements that have to be met, before a license would even be considered, so Norway is not the easiest market to get into for casinos.

In order to get a gambling license from MGA, the Norwegian casino operator needs to have been active in the European gaming market. They need to have a capital society founded, they have to provide services that are easy to use, stable and safe. The administration members of the company need to be reliable. The company’s HQ and their technical support team have to be located in an EU country.

As you can see, it’s not exactly easy to start up a gambling site in Norway. The online casinos that manage to do this tend to be professionals, which have been doing this for 2+ years at the very least, and which know what they’re doing. It’s not very likely that you’d have issues with the fairness of these sites, thanks to all the requirements that are put in place before they can even consider entering the market.

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  • Spacewars slot from NetEnt
  • Starburst Slot Machine for Norwegian casino players
  • Norwegian Version of the Big Bad Wolf Slot Game

Norwegian Online Casinos Safety

In terms of safety, I’d say that signing-up with an MGA licensed casino should be a pretty safe thing to do. There is an extensive process that the online casinos go through and multiple requirements that have to be met, so if the casino is indeed licensed in Norway, it’s going to be a safe environment to play in. Just make sure you check their license, before you sign-up, if you’re not sure about them. It takes about 3 months before MGA gives the casino its authorization, and after that they go through a second phase where each game and the platform need to be authorized by providing certification from an entity that is accredited through MGA itself. You can rest assured, MGA licensed casinos from Norway will be very safe sites to play on.

Naturally, these casinos will have SSL encryption and will handle all data with care, this being among the requirements, that of the safe environment that needs to be provided to players.

Norwegian Casinos Legalization

Gambling in Norway used to be a severely punishable offense, but law has been passed that turned the market into a regulated one. They continued to loosen up the conditions, and they passed a law that changed the rules that had to be met by online casinos.

In the years before the new bill, the market was gradually liberalized, so that businesses from outside the Norway market could provide gaming services to Norwegian citizens. However, strict requirements were put in place.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Norwegian licensed casinos, with MGA blessing, will offer multiple methods of depositing or withdrawing cash. Once you’ve created your account with one of them, you are able to use a debit or a credit card from a major issuer, you can use your Skrill or bank account, a Paysafecard, or you can go with one of the other major payment options that may be used online.

Customer Service

As with any other online casino, the Norway based ones will offer their players a variety of contact options, through which they can ask for assistance. The email option is a popular one, as is the live chat or simply picking up the phone and giving them a call if you need quick help.

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